14 October, 2010

So where are the summaries?

A number of closed ICANN comment forums are still awaiting Summary/Analysis -- and as they were closed in July, this is certainly indicative of a problem.  So what's going on?  

While some forums contain some two dozen comments, most forums only average four or five comments at best... and, of course, some topics like the "Transparency and Accountability Wiki Project" garner none.  So why is it taking the designated Staff members so long to write up their summaries (especially if no comments on a given topic were tendered)? 

You may recall that the ICANN Board Governance Committee was recently hit with a Reconsideration Petition from the .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition which stated that the Staff public comment summary:
"failed to adequately account for either the breadth or depth of comments and boils down complex argument to a form that loses most if not all of its meaning."
So, perhaps ICANN Staff is just taking the time necessary to make sure that they get it right... on the other hand, perhaps no one is actually minding the store.

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