19 October, 2010

Upcoming Board Agenda: Sneak Peek

Reported by ICANN Staff on the ABSdt list:

"ICANN Legal has informed that during their meeting of 14 October, the SIC approved a recommendation that the Board approve the Proposed Bylaw changes necessary to seat the At-Large Board Director. With this step, the SIC part of the bylaws process - the recommendation to the Board - is completed.

Additionally, Legal expects the issue to be placed on the Consent Agenda during the Board Meeting of 28 October.  Finally, please find attached the Summary and Analysis of comments on the proposed Bylaws amendments  to allow seating of a voting Board Director selected by the At-Large community for your review."

SUBSEQUENT NOTE:  Assuming that the Board approves the Bylaws changes during the Board Meeting of 28 October, the BCEC is scheduled to announce the slate of 3-7 candidates on 3 November. Between 3-12 November, the candidates will be able to reach out to the At-Large community for campaigning. The election for the Board Director selected by the ALAC/At-Large community is scheduled to take place 15-19 November. The successful candidate will take their seat on the last day of the Cartagena Meeting on Friday, 10 December.

A flowchart of these dates is being prepared. It will be released shortly.

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