19 October, 2010

Domain Registry of America: more complaints

Accusations of domain slamming have re-emerged on the GA discussion list, and Karl Auerbach has weighed in with the following comment:

"Getting back to DoA - they are so much a scam that I am surprised that the FTC has not gone after them. They charge 3x, 4x, or more what other registrars do. (And I'm not sure that they even provide anything equivalent to the maintenance tools that real registrars provide.)  I've noticed over the years that they keep adding more disclaimers to their small, and it is very small, print.  I suspect that they are trying to dance around the enforcement agencies.  ICANN should be initiating an inquiry, and if necessary, pull their accreditation and perhaps initiate a civil action or a criminal complaint if the facts suggest that those actions are warranted."

The Domain Registry of America, a reseller of Brandon Gray Internet Services, Inc. (dba NameJuice.com), has already been cited by the FTC.  You may recall that in recent news, Brandon Gray Internet Services sued Cira (the Canadian Domain Name Authority) for $10,000,000 in damages for breach of contract and harm to its business reputation "over claims that its licence was denied renewal earlier this month without reason, despite allegations of providing services to a known “domain slammer”.

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