19 October, 2010

SSAC Draft: Root-level Invalid TLD Queries

A new SSAC draft on invalid TLD queries at the root level of the DNS has appeared.  The report's initial findings:

"Finding (1) ICANN should make applicants for new TLDs aware of the following: a string that has already been queried at the root may result in an “inheritance” of query traffic.  

As the OARC reports illustrate, the amount of inherited query traffic could be considerable, i.e., on the order of millions of queries per day, should the applicant’s chosen string be one that appears frequently at the root. Applicants who are not aware of this inheritance traffic may not be prepared to manage the volume, and could experience operational difficulties that would also pose a stability or availability problem for their registrants and users.

Parties other than the TLD applicant are affected including parties whose systems are currently generating invalid TLD queries and registrants of domains in the TLD. Specifically, parties generating invalid TLD queries and receiving NXDOMAIN from the root servers today will now receive positive responses. Whereas the NXDOMAIN forces the querying application or user into an error resolution condition, the positive response from root name server could cause recursion to continue (consider again the lan scenario describe earlier), with unpredictable results for the user."

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