21 October, 2010

Hyphens & Disclosure Issues

Writing in his personal capacity IPC Constituency Chair, Steve Metalitz, comments on the recent .name Verisign request:

VeriSign’s Registry Request Service submission dated 8/25/10 states “the .name Registry had always planned to remove this requirement in order to make domain names with pure numbers and all combinations of numbers and hyphens available for registration.” (emphasis added) This raises the question of whether this plan was ever disclosed to ICANN, either by the original registry applicants and operators, or by VeriSign, and if not, why not. I don’t recall GNR ever disclosing this plan to IPC representatives, during the period through the end of 2002 in which our constituency was in frequent conversation and negotiation with GNR and its representatives.

Steve also raises additional issues in his submission that are worth consideration.

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