21 October, 2010

ccNSO Concerns

Excerpted from the minutes of the last ccNSO Meeting:

The Chair informed the Council that the ICANN/ENISA Incident Response Survey was distributed to a number CERTs and that both governments and members from the ccTLD community had expressed concern about this.  He reported that he had a meeting with Rod Beckstrom and Jamie Hedlund, where he suggested that ICANN should put together a small group of staff to deal with the concerns whilst the ccNSO Council and GAC would do the same.

The Chair further reported that Rod Beckstrom had suggested that ICANN should consult with GAC members in the countries where the CERTs are related to the national government and ask for permission for the ccTLD operators to help with the survey response. It was felt among the Councillors that such a consultation should not be necessary.

Lesley Cowley reported that many CENTR members had expressed concern regarding
the Survey and noted that she would like to see ICANN having a better understanding
for the ccTLD perspective in this matter.  Peter Van Roste echoed Lesley’s concern and
underlined the importance of ICANN establishing important actions with the

The Chair noted that he would discuss the issue further with Rod Beckstrom and
Heather Dryden and report back to the Council as soon as possible.

[NOTE:  ICANN's DNSCERT website may be found here.]

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