19 October, 2010

African Community still riled by ICANN Board Resolutions

From the AFRI-DISCUSS list:

"Dear all,

As a continuation of our joint meeting held in Brussels, I reserved a slot of time in Cartagena for an AFRALO / AfrICANN joint meeting to discuss the follow-up steps of our statement adopted in Brussels, especially after the resolutions taken by the ICANN Board in its retreat.   I will provide you with the full information regarding the room number and the time slot as soon as the planning of the Cartagena meeting is finished."

The Trondheim ICANN Board Retreat resolutions, described by one community member as "a slap in the face", dealt with new gTLD applicant support issues by stating (in part) "any direct financial support for applicant fees must come from sources outside of ICANN; the fee levels currently in the Applicant Guidebook will be maintained for all applicants."

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