26 October, 2010

...and now still another At-Large Election Complication

Just announced by Evan Leibovitch on the North American Regional At-Large Organization mailing list:

At-Large Board Selection Design Team needs member

"One of the two NARALO representatives on the above committee (abbreviated "ABSdt") has resigned to run for the At-Large Director position.  I would like to find out if anyone here is interested in helping to put the finishing touches on the process by which At-Large chooses its first directly-selected Director.  

The role is important but should not take significantly more time as most of the work is already done.  This is *not* the same as the committee that has received and is doing due diligence on those who have applied for the position."

NOTE:  As the other NARALO representative on the ABSdt is/was Alan Greenberg, we can likely assume that it is Alan who has opted to run for the At-Large Director position.  Alan, your secret's safe with us.

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