19 October, 2010

The Secret Code of the Internet Revealed

At the 43rd CENTR General Assembly, Eurid's Giovanni Sepia reported on "The Secret Code of the Internet": 

"Based on a sample of more than 41,000 sites, we found that around 27% of the websites of the investigated TLDs are business sites, followed by 24% of pay-per-click sites. Holding pages and domain names with no related website (or with a badly-configured site) each represent around 20%. Taking into account error margins and rounding, we have 30-30-20-20 as the "secret code of the Internet" for gTLDs. 30% of the websites are used for business, 30% for pay-per-click, 20% are holding pages and 20% are domain names without a (working) website."

1 comment:

  1. Excuse me? When last I heard, there was a bit more of the Internet out there than the web, protocols other than web ones use domain names for all sorts of completely legitimate purposes, etc. Since when did "domain name without a working website" become an issue?