19 October, 2010

More news on At-Large Director selection process

Christopher Wilkinson writes on the Euro-Discuss list:

With respect to point 6 of the proposed agenda (ALS involvement in the At Large Board Director selection) please note the following:

1. The 22 Statements of Interest have been made available to the members of the BCEC, anonymously.  BCEC members have only just completed their first review of the SoI.  Our next conference call is 20 October, at night CEST.

2. Contrary to a previous announcement, I now understand that the list of candidates will NOT be published to the general public on the website.  Personally, I have no problem with that decision, in the interests of the privacy of the candidates (nearly all of whom will, by definition, be unsuccessful).  However, I do not know whether that decision also extends to informing, or not,  the ALAC and RALO Boards. I suggest that might be clarified directly within ALAC and with the staff.

3. This whole procedure raises issues which go far beyond the immediate selection process, to which I may revert in the future when the present business is all over.

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