20 October, 2010

Due Diligence for At-Large Board Candidates

Due diligence is to happen in two phases.

Phase 1:
For the initial slate of three to seven candidates, due diligence will be conducted based on publicly available information. At this same time, we will ask all candidates to complete a consent form for Phase 2 and, as needed, perform all tasked necessary to help with a criminal background investigation. Criminal background checks often require the subjects themselves to request criminal reports, which is why we made need to start this part of Phase 2 before the selection of the Board member.

Phase 2:
Once one Board member is selected, more detailed due diligence will be conducted.
The various items that the due diligence will involve are as follows:

1. Employment History Verification
2. Academic Verification
3. Verification of Professional Memberships/Licenses
4. Local & International media search
5. Internet search
6. Financial Regulatory Registration & Status
7. Verification of Other Business Interests
8. Disqualified Directors search
9. Insolvency/Bankruptcy check
10. Civil litigation
11. Fraud/Corruption/Terrorist and Compliance Searches
12. Criminal Records Search
13. Global Risk Compliance Database Search

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  1. Makes you wonder why anyone would want to put up with this organization.