23 October, 2010

EURALO protests At-Large Director Election Timeline

The EURALO has sent a formal letter to both the ALAC and the At-Large Board Selection Design Team protesting the schedule governing the At-Large Direction Selection Process. 

Their main concern:

"In the interest of empowerment of our ALSes, it is the desire of the EURALO Board to conduct a vote directing the EURALO Chair on his vote. Whilst no minimum vote timing is defined in the EURALO Rules of Procedures, clause 11.18.1 of the EURALO by-laws states that a sufficient amount of time is required for all members to record a vote on any matter. It is therefore good practice to provide at least 10 days of voting time for our ALSes. This appears to be clearly incompatible with the currently proposed ALAC schedule of only 4 days voting time." 

...and it should be noted that the Voter Education & Dialogue phase of the first at-large director vote in year 2000 was a full month long (as compared to the mere nine days scheduled for this vote). 

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