29 October, 2010

On Privacy/Proxy Services

The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group has submitted comments regarding the ICANN Study on the Prevalence of Domain Names Registered using a Privacy or Proxy Registration Service.  MAAWG writes:

"We would encourage ICANN to do further analysis to see whether some TLDs and/or some registrars have a disproportionately high or low number of proxy or privacy registrations. This analysis should be easy to do without any extra data collection since the WHOIS dataset should identify each domain's registrar and the monthly registry TLD reports provide the number of domains each registrar had at the time the data was collected.

Finally, we note that ICANN is in the midst of an RFP for a further proxy/privacy study to document the relay and reveal practices of proxy/privacy services. We agree that this study is the essential next step, but we are baffled at ICANN's statement that the study will not even start until a yet to be determined time in 2011. If this study is worth doing, which it certainly is, it is worth doing now. MAAWG encourages ICANN to perform this study as soon as is practicable."

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