21 October, 2010

ICANN Staff & the chilling of public speech

As I type this blog entry I am aware that not a single public comment has yet been submitted on one of the most important new gTLD issues, namely... what's going to be our policy with respect to controversial strings?

A full month ago Kieren McCarthy commented on this situation, stating:

"What is being discussed has enormous import and impact.  It is a discussion about what Internet extensions are going to be banned.  Nothing could really be more important for ICANN to gather broad feedback on.  It is ICANN deciding on what it is going to allow the Internet to do.  And yet that fact is hidden beneath so many layers of information that it is easy to draw the conclusion that ICANN is purposefully obscuring what the public comment is actually about."

The comment period ends on 22 October.  If you have anything to say on the topic -- do so now.

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