18 October, 2010

ALAC Statements (when they have nothing to say)

An exchange of amusing comments in the ALAC world:

"In its meeting today, the ALAC Ex-Com has determined that an ALAC response to ICANN's RFC on Delegation Rate Scenarios for new GTLDs is warranted."

"OK.  Does anyone on the ExCom or ALAC already have a history of interest/expertise in this? It helps to have someone in the group able and willing to "own" the issue."

"To tell the truth, this is one that will require some tree-shaking.  I have read the preliminary opinion from ICANN and I can't say I see anything that jumps out at me.   Maybe if others read it they might find something that we could say "go cautiously because....""

A HINT FOR THE ALAC... You don't need to issue a Statement every time that ICANN burps. 

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