27 October, 2010

ICANN Board Liaison October Report

Board Liaison Report – OCTOBER 2010 - Vanda Scartezini

During retreat dedicated to new gTLDs we have dealing with all issues related to new gTLDs and some decisions were made and published as Board decisions at ICANN page.
The retreat report we wrote is partially copied here in order to make it more easy to follow

a) GAC´s new points about Geographic names came just during our debate and we decide to give some time to work on it. Board will consider UNESCO list - ISO 3166-2 list – no translations will be added to this list.
The OCT 28th board meeting will debate the document and may reach a conclusion or, more probable will be sent to face to face retreat meeting , Nov 3-5 in San Francisco, CA.
There is no more relevant issue related to budget

b) Budget About - $300,000 was included in the budget for outreach, education and training. Financial support shall come from external sources – a list will be published. Direct financial support will demand the development of specific criteria, and for that the working group shall continue to work.

 c) Vertical Integration - It was decided to ask to each one to state that will keep confidentiality regarding part of this debate. All in conflict of interest left the room during the debate. Board decided to publish a letter to the GNSO since it would be relevant to have some degree of certainty from the GNSO that consensus is not going to be reached on this issue in the near term. Board expected the feedback from the GNSO from its meeting on OCT 7th, which was done. The next move will be the board to decide independently probably during the retreat.
Since GNSO, as stated above, will not pursue consensus, board has to decide and due the complexity involved in this issues probably will be decided at retreat F2F meeting.

d) Morality and Public Order – the board received the WG document a couple days before the retreat, making it quite difficult to review deeply the report, but we worked on it, with high recognition that of the work of WG was a cross SO&AC , bottom-up and stakeholder model to be kept. Staff will frame the issues and make recommendations.
The same applies to this issue.

e) Similar strings – GNSO has asked to consider similar strings when they belong to the same owner. But additional policy work is required to establish the rules by which similar strings could be allocated.
Similar strings will certainly need more dedicates and constant effort. Probably this will demand case by case analysis.

f) Background materials – was agreed that before the Oct 28th meeting additional info and background material from the retreat will become available.
Publication of the rationale for each board decision was supposed to be done till Oct 27

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