27 October, 2010

A Clash with ICANN Staff

"I have likened these rules to a Frankenstein's monster on occasion as we need books, charts, forms and full time self-appointed interpreters of the rules to make them even close to intelligible."

So writes Avria Doria in a letter to ICANN Policy Contractor Ken Bour.  She further states:  "As you know, I neither agree with your interpretation of the rules, nor accept that the rules that were approved capture the proper meaning and sprit of the intent of those creating the rules, but perhaps do reflect the zeal of the author of the rules to create the perfect set of rules by which to control the GNSO and its council members." 

"I also do not think it is appropriate for a staff member to become a rule 
enforcer.  It is not, in my estimation the task of a contracted staff member 
to become the rules police.  I ask you to remember that it is that Staff that 
serves the GNSO and not the other way around."
NOTE:  A new chart that encompasses one such set of rules may be found here.

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