28 October, 2010

ALAC & ICANN Travel Guidelines

In the monthly APRALO Call, ALAC Chair Cheryl Langdon-Orr comments on the ICANN Travel Guidelines:

"The travel guidelines are published every year. This only applies to this financial year. It is not cast in stone. The 25 travelers we have are now being used as the benchmark by the other constituencies and this might create pressure on the budget and tension. ALAC is the only consitituency with guaranteed support. In order to keep this support we will need to show some return on investment. This is why we need to send highly active individual."

NOTE:  One wonders why ICANN supports the ALAC's RALOs with travel dollars, and yet doesn't support the user constituencies that actually work to devise ICANN policies within the GNSO.  Isn't it about time for a more equitable arrangement?

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