29 October, 2010

ccNSO October Minutes Published

The minutes of the 19 October ccNSO meeting are now available.  Of interest:

1.  The recommendations of the Wildcard Study Group are almost ready to be sent.  The Final WG Report may be found here.  ICANN research on Wildcards can be found here.

2.  DNSCERT Survey
The Chair reported that Rod Beckstrom and Heather Dryden were notified about the group of Councillors that was formed to discuss the DNSCERT Survey. 
Peter Van Roste reported that the CENTR meeting in Brussels showed that no ccTLDs support the DNSCERT Survey in its current form and that the CENTR Secretariat was asked to draft a statement that reflects that view. He added that several ccTLDs declared that they will not participate in the survey.

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