28 October, 2010

Board Intervention: Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up

The clash started with a note to the Vertical Integration WG from Peter Dengate-Thrush:

"My sense is that, while reluctant to appear to be making policy, the Board is unwilling to allow stalemate in the GNSO policy development process to act as an impediment to implementing other major policy work of the GNSO, which calls for the introduction of new gTLDS.  Some kind of Board intervention appears to be required, and we are considering that."

A reply was quick to follow, with Tim Ruiz stating:  "The community could not come to consensus on a change to the longstanding policy of separation. I am hopeful that you did not intend to imply that if the bottom up process does not produce the results that some of the Board and Staff wanted then the Board will just create its own policy top down. I hope that the Board keeps its word regarding VI as it was given to the GNSO. To not do so would make it difficult to have any confidence in the Board whatsoever."

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