14 October, 2010

Final Report on the Registrar Accreditation Agreement

The final report on Proposals for Improvements to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement has been posted by the RAA Working Group.  After a quick review by the WG, the document will next make its way to ICANN's GNSO Council for review and possible action.

The report covers the following issues (and more):
  • cybersquatting
  • warehousing and speculation
  • malicious conduct
  • compliance
  • privacy/proxy services
  • whois
  • reseller obligations
  • RAA termination
  • registrar information
  • business dealings with registrants
  • consensus policies and advisories
  • arbitration and appeal
  • contract administration
  • group liability
  • UDRP
  • sanctions
  • registrar code of conduct

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