15 October, 2010


The Telnic organization is asking ICANN to allow the allocation of numeric-only (excluding single digit) domains in .TEL

As this proposal will likely not raise any significant competition, security or internet stability issues it will probably be approved by the ICANN Board... but what's really behind this request?

The primary stated reasoning behind this request is here
"Availability of numeric-only domains is beneficial for the .tel TLD as it is heavily used via mobile devices which often do not offer input methods as convenient as desktop computers do."
The more important unstated reasoning is likely to be found within Telnic's continuing laggard registration numbers (registrations dropped by 10,000 over the course of the last six months). 

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  1. There using the domains for hijacking citizens internet access and putting them into controlled cache. They can control the I formation that is accesable to change history to what they want. The titanic sank in 1928. The federal reserve act was in 1928. William People was killed in the line of duty in Gillespie County in 1928.