04 November, 2010

Spotlight: dot EUS

.eus describes itself as a TLD for the Basque language and culture on the Internet; it intends to have restrictive policies. The PuntuEus Association [dotEus in Euskara] represents The Basque Language and Culture Community, and it will be in charge of applying for the .EUS domain.

The organization cites support from universities, from the EUSKALTZAINDIA (The Official Academy of the Basque Language), from EUSKALTEL (a Global Telecommunications Operator) and from more than 25,000 individuals.  Noting that the Basque Language and Culture Community is distributed all over the world, the PuntuEus Association points to a diaspora of the BLCC that sums up more than four million people and nearly 200 Euskal Etxe [Clubs in which Basques of the diaspora meet], worldwide.

NOTE:  This blog will be spotlighting different proposed TLDs on an ongoing basis  -- this is not an endorsement of any given applicant, merely a public service.

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