27 November, 2010

The Strategic Plan & the IANA Function

The ICANN Strategic Plan has been posted.

The comment period will close on 10 January 2010 and the Strategic Plan will be submitted to the Board for approval at their January meeting.

Identified as a key concern is the renewal of the IANA contract.  We are told that "the current multiyear contract expires September 30, 2011. ICANN will submit a proposal for the IANA contract renewal or its replacement, is well positioned to compete for the award, and expects to continue to operate the IANA function."

In the document, IANA operations are described as "flawless", and yet Nominet's Martin Boyle has pointed to issues with the "e-IANA" implementation, stating:  "This has been a long-delayed implementation, with no explanation as to why the initiative has been delayed and no indication of likely timescales."

In 2003, a number of ccTLDs, disgruntled with their treatment by ICANN, said they would consider mounting a bid to take over the IANA function, being the groups most affected by its decisions. 

More recently, the topic of the IANA contract has come up in the IGF "Main Session:  Managing Critical Internet Resources".  You can review that commentary here.

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