18 November, 2010

EURALO Sides with Community against ICANN Staff

Wolf Ludwig
Wolf Ludwig, chair of EURALO, writes:

Dear all, as discussed on our last call (Tuesday), we decided to send a letter of solidarity to Evan [chair of the NARALO] on his complaints about the latest version of the new gTLD Applicant Guidebook and his assessment that "ICANN staff has essentially screwed its community".

The letter to Evan: 

When we saw the first announcement, we were not aware about the details of the community efforts involved and the broad agreement reached across members of the GAC, GNSO and At-Large on issues related to Morality and Public Order -- and a report that was unanimously endorsed by ALAC ...

From your elaborations we completely understand and share your frustrations and anger. As you correctly stated, “ICANN created At-Large to provide input on some of its most important policy and – now that we have provided it, in concert with other ICANN stakeholders – its staff have laughed it off.”

This example is – once again – contradicting any principle and claims by the ICANN staff in charge on “multistakeholderism”, “public participation” or “bottom-up approach” etc. And this reaffirms our apprehension: "You can't recognize them by their words but by their doings".

We (shortly) discussed this issue on our last monthly EURALO call and we decided to support you on any initiative "to go beyond merely announcing our displeasure to the Board". Please keep us informed on any further planning and action.

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