22 November, 2010

The .jobs saga: Meeting, or no Meeting?

Becky Burr writes on behalf of the .jobs Charter Compliance Coalition to ICANN's Board Governance Committee  (excerpt):

"... ICANN has offered to facilitate a meeting between the Coalition and Employ Media to discuss this purported misunderstanding and address the issues set forth in the Request. 

The Coalition appreciates ICANN’s willingness to facilitate such a meeting. It believes that if such a meeting is to be effective, attendees must include representatives of the Coalition, Employ Media, SHRM, the voting members of the BGC, yourself, and the primary ICANN staff members responsible for preparing the Board materials and briefing the Board in advance of the August 5, 2010 Board meeting. The Coalition also believes that a face to face meeting, with participation by video-conference where necessary, is most likely to be constructive."

The response from SHRM: 
"SHRM was copied on the attached letter to you from Becky Burr, counsel for the “Coalition.”  Obviously, SHRM does not concur with Ms. Burr’s characterization of our responses to the ICANN Board Governance
Committee.  SHRM does not believe that it should participate in such a meeting."

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