26 November, 2010

Election Results: What are they hiding?

The preliminary at-large director election results have been posted and something is seriously amiss.
The election results announcement displays a table:

Names                       Votes %
Sébastien Bachollet         43.75
Pierre Dandjinou            25.00*
Alan Greenberg              31.25

You will note that the total number of votes per candidate is not displayed (only the percentage).

In this particular vote there were only nineteen eligible voters (the list can be found here), and the only way that the mathematics can hold true is if only sixteen votes were cast:

Sebastien -- 7 votes out of 16 = 43.75%
Pierre      -- 4 votes out of 16 = 25.00%
Alan        -- 5 votes out of 16 = 31.25%

Inquiring minds would love to know which members of the "ALAC/RALO-chair" electorate couldn't be bothered to vote.  It certainly makes you wonder whether this group even deserves having an at-large director on the Board. 

As no single candidate received more than 50% of the vote, a run-off election will now be held.  If you cross your fingers for good luck, maybe they'll remember to give a damn and vote in the upcoming election.

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