29 November, 2010

Use of Diacritics in Czech Domains Again Refused

Prague, 19 November – For the fourth time in a row, the Czech Internet public refused the introduction of diacritics in the .CZ domain system. This ensues from a public opinion survey carried out by Markent for the CZ.NIC association, the administrator of the Czech domain registry.

Eight-seven percent of organisations that responded and 62 percent of ordinary Internet users surveyed objected to the introduction of the IDN system (Internationalized Domain Names).

“The repeated refusal of IDN was not a surprise. The last three surveys had very similar results and there have been no signs over the last two years pointing towards a change in this trend. Quite the opposite – in the long term, the negative attitude of the Czech Internet public toward IDN is growing,” stated Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of the CZ.NIC association.

Among the most frequent spontaneously mentioned negative aspects of IDN were unwillingness to get used to the change and more complicated access for foreign visitors.

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