20 November, 2010

Cartagena Travel Advice

Travel advice from Tijani BEN JEMAA:

For those who will make it to Madrid to get an entry visa to Colombia, here is my experience:

•    You have to be at the Colombian Consulate (not the embassy) at 8:00
o    Consulate of Colombia in Madrid :

          Address:     Calle Carbonero y Sol 15, 28006 Madrid, Spain
          Metro:        Republica Argentina
          Telephone:     +34-91-745-2590
          Email:        cmadrid at minrelext.gov.co  or  embcol.mad at retemail.es

•    Don’t queue. Go directly to the gentleman in the gate and explain him that you came from your country to apply for an entry visa to attend the ICANN meetings
•    The gentleman will let you enter, and indicate you where to go inside the building.
•    In the room, explain to the man that you are going to the ICANN meeting,
•    You have also to tell him that your flight back home is for tomorrow
•    Documents required for the visa application:
     o    Duly completed Visa application form which can be obtained at the embassy/consulate.
     o    Valid passport with blank pages two blank side-by-side pages.
     o    Copy of your Passport
     o    3 colour passport photos against a light background that are 3X3 cm
     o    A copy of your itinerary to Cartagena.
     o    Invitation Letter to the “39th ICANN SUMMIT”.
           They can be obtained here.
•    The needed number of Photos is three and not Two as i twas told

•    Should you encounter any problem, contact Matt Ashtiani :
Phone:     +1(310)823-9358
Direct:      +1(310)578-8675
Fax:                 +1(310) 823-8649
Mobile:          +1(310) 892-3247
e-mail:    constituency-travel at icann.org

•    As for my case, I applied on Monday at 8:00, and got my passport back with the visa on Tuesday at around 11:00

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