24 November, 2010

ICANN Responds to the GAC

Peter Dengate Thrush
In a very long letter, ICANN's Chairman of the Board, Peter Dengate Thrush, has responded to concerns earlier enumerated by the Governmental Advisory Committee.

With regard to the new gTLD objection process, the Board response to the GAC is guaranteed to ruffle more than a few feathers; Peter writes:

"The Board discussed the GAC's position that governments should not be required to pay a fee for raising objections to new gTLD applications, and does not agree with the GAC on this point.  It is the Board's view that governments that file objections should be required to cover costs of the objection process just like any other objector; the objection process will be run on a cost-recovery and loser-pays basis (so the costs of objection processes in which governments prevail will be borne by applicants).  How would the dispute resolution process be funded:  a speculative increase in application fees or increased fees to gTLD registrants?  Either of these cases or others seem difficult to implement and unfair."

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