22 November, 2010

Multiples of $185,000

Writing on the topic of the JAS Charter extension, Eric Brunner-Williams explains why ICANN Staff's "one string per application" construct is misguided:

"In India there are 11 official scripts, and 22 official languages. An application for a reproductive health or rural economic development would, of necessity, have to deliver domain registration services in several languages, and several scripts, to avoid communitarian tensions. An application to assist the rural poor in a developing country could cost ten times what an application to offer a new feature to high-income urban elites in North America and Western Europe."

NOTE:   I've noticed a recent update to "DNAME Redirection in the DNS"
(draft-ietf-dnsext-rfc2672bis-dname-20).  Perhaps this approach holds the answer to the problem.  Those that know more about DNAMES than I are welcome to comment.

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