21 November, 2010

CAIDA's kc claffy on IPv6 regulations

Writing on the CAIDA blog, kc describes attending the first FCC Technological Advisory Council meeting (video archives).  In summary notes describing the session we are treated to this commentary on IPv6:

"IPv6 — the only term uttered more than “jobs” at the TAC meeting. A broad consensus seemed to emerge that the FCC should do something, even if only use its “bully pulpit”, to promote IPv6 investment and deployment. I have doubts about the necessary political will here — the backward incompatibility between IPv4 and IPv6 means that not only will governments have to regulate IPv6 into existence, but they will ultimately have to regulate IPv4 out of existence (think digital TV transition) if IPv6 is to survive. The FCC faces quite a challenge trying to bully IPv6 into deployment; the world’s need for it, despite its limitations and incentive-incompatibilities, is the best justification yet for investment in future Internet architecture research."

1 comment:

  1. If IPv4 was not supported by the USG government after leaving it between 92-96,and resurrected as COTS, it would not have happened. IPv6 is no different. It's now more serious as the v4 IANA address space will run March 2011, and a "laisser faire" for the US is a loser approach. The US should lead as it's good overall for the Internet.