27 November, 2010

At-Large Election: LACRALO Voting Irregularities

From the LACRALO List:

Morris:  Actually, there was no proper vote, with credentials sent to ALSes and so on, was there?  If a directed vote was to be done (and Dev said that there wasn't), then shouldn't there have been a proper vote, and also the weighted calculation as stated in the LACRLO rules?  Given that the 2nd round of voting goes until the 28th, I think that any ALS expressing its opinion before then is perfectly within the timeframe of the election of the candidate for seat 15. How can expressing an opinion on the 25th, when first round voting went until the 25th and 2nd round voting goes until the 28th be too late?

Piazza:  I have spoken with tens of people, read arguments, counter-arguments, on Alan, on Sebastien, written by them and others, I have seen his file of participation.  I believe, like many, that Sebastien can  represent us suitably. But also I feel that Alan will be representative.  I do not believe in the myth about that Alan "can not represent to the users ". In fact, while Carlos and Sylvia felt, thought and concluded their analysis the same way as me, voting for Sebastien, a part of me is glad that Carlton (NomCom targeted, you can vote for who he wants), has elected Alan. It is a balance and I feel justice done.

Sooknanan:  It appears that you are attempting to decorate this flaw in the process and convince us that we should adhere to and appreciate it.  It is clear the Caribbean ALSes believe that Alan is the better choice, while our Latin American colleagues have identified a preference for Sebastien.  It is a little insulting for Caribbean ALSes to accept that our viewpoint be represented by Carlton, as he is voting on behalf of NOMCOM and should not at all be bound by LACRALO.  If there were balance (that you stake Justice has been done upon), then we would suggest that the LACRALO vote be split down he middle to represent aptly these two differing views. Otherwise just say that you have voted on your own accord and keep Justice out of it!  I understand that second round voting is yet to come, but it is necessary that our representation is not only felt but also demonstrated.

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