25 November, 2010

Draft Comment from ICANN's Business Constituency

From the BC draft "Comment on ICANN's Proposed Final Guidebook for new gTLDs":

"The BC is disappointed that so many of our concerns have been disregarded, despite repeated comments by multiple stakeholders. There are repeated instances where the majority of the comments call for a change, yet staff chose to present a solution which ignores majority comments without presenting a rationale.   

The BC is concerned that the Guidebook has moved to 'proposed-final' form before delivery of an Economic Study of costs and benefits that is required as one of the overarching issues for new gTLDs.  As the BC has previously commented, economic analysis must inform decisions about gTLD introduction, including IPR protections."

In all, the BC has offered up around a dozen-and-a-half recommended changes to the Guidebook (which reflect its highest priority comments), and each proposed change is accompanied by a supporting rationale.

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