21 November, 2010

ALAC Board Director Election Update

With all three final director candidates being either current or former ALAC members, we can finally drop the pretense that this is an at-large election. 

The At-Large community won't be electing a director (as it did in year 2000 when 34,035 members cast their votes) -- instead the 15-member ALAC (together with the chairs of its subordinate bodies, the RALOs) will be electing their "favorite son" to the ICANN Board.

We are witnessing yet another ICANN "beauty contest" where absolutely no discussion on the merits, qualifications, stances or attributes of the candidates has happened on any of the lists -- but is anyone truly surprised?  Reminding us that the "discussion period" is over and that "the online election for the Board Director will start tomorrow and end on Thursday, 25 November", ICANN Staff has submitted a last-minute tie-breaker procedure.

You can expect this election to be decided on the basis of regional parochialism. 

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