27 November, 2010

Breaking the WHOIS Stalemate

Having witnessed the ICANN Board breaking the stalemate within the relatively short-lived Vertical Intergration Working Group by making a decisive decision with regard to registry-registrar separation rules, it's time to now ask the question:

"Will the Board also break the ten-year old stalement over WHOIS?"

We have seen that the Board has established a private closed-door working group to address data and consumer protection issues (DCP-WG).  Harald Alvestrand, Dennis Jennings (Chair), Mike Silber, Bruce Tonkin, and Ram Mohan (non-voting member) are members of that WG. 

Will this group induce the rest of the Board to break the decade old stalemate on WHOIS?  Probably.

I would venture the assessment that the Board seems to be enjoying their current display of unbridled arrogance and as a group they certainly seem prepared to once again act by fiat instead of by consensus.

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