18 November, 2010

SSAC posts new document

Entitled "Invalid Top Level Domain Queries at the Root Level of the Domain Name System", this SSAC document (SAC045) calls attention to the potential problems that may arise should a new TLD applicant use a string that has been seen with measurable (and meaningful) frequency in a query for resolution by the root system and the root system has previously generated a response.

From their Summary and Conclusions:  "We find that any new TLD registry operator may experience unanticipated queries and that some TLDs may experience a non-trivial load of unanticipated queries if the label it chooses corresponds to TLDs that have historically seen queries. We recommend that ICANN inform new TLD applicants of the problems that can arise when a previously seen string is added to the root zone as a TLD label and that ICANN should coordinate with the community to identify principles that can serve as the basis for prohibiting the delegation of strings that may introduce security or stability problems at the root level of the DNS."

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