18 November, 2010

NCUC Writes to U.S. Senator Leahy

The NCUC has written to U.S. Senator Leahy with regard to S. 3804: Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act.  In the letter they state:

"The undersigned global public interest groups, all of whom are active in the ICANN Generic Names Supporting Organization, urge you to delay passage of the Bill pending consideration of the following international concerns.  We believe that S. 3804 hurts freedom of speech globally, sets a precedent for absence of due process around the world and, last but not least, sets a roadmap for all governments to seize control of speech and limit Internet freedoms, just as we are opening up new Top-Level Domain Names."

While several good points are raised in the letter, it should be noticed that this letter was cycled through the NCUC within a 24-hour period with just one supporting comment -- this is not how constituency processes are supposed to work. 

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