22 November, 2010

Business Constituency Guidebook Analysis

ICANN's Business Constituency has done a stellar job of analyzing the latest version of the new gTLD Applicant Guidebook.  In a conference call devoted solely to the Guidebook, BC members raised items of concern on a section by section basis.   Here's but one example:

"Well - yes, exactly, that certainly is the case, but the other issue is that the way the guidebook is written, you only need one entity to stand up and say we object. Two points are gone. So an objector stands up, two points are gone, so you can see how one entity might hold another entity to ransom saying if  I object, you’re toast. If  I don’t object, you’re good to go, so here’s how this goes down.  That’s not a fair and equitable way, and that’s certainly not a way for communities of business to function with a gun held to their head."

The full transcript of the Business Constituency teleconference may be found here.

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