21 November, 2010

Empty ICANN Public Forum put to innovative use

It's true that ICANN's Public Forums aren't attracting many comments these days...six of the currently open forums are totally bereft of comments, but that didn't stop one creative entrepreneur that used the empty space to promote:

"Chinese Eggshell Bowl for sale or consignment"


Found on the forum for the ccNSO Review (Draft Working Group Report) is this pitch -- complete with pictures -- for a Chinese Eggshell Bowl:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I own this Chinese Eggshell Bowl which I am interested in selling it after getting a professional evaluation and translation of the writings on it.  Would you be able to assist me with this considering I would be interested in selling it in the near future and pay you a commission for your services?  Please contact me at 00351 249 533 118 or my mobile at 00351 912630289 my email is aveabba@xxxxxxxxxxx and on Skype HAVANA7591.  I wish to thank you in advance for the assistance and consideration I am sure you will give my request.

Joe Pereira Guerra

Size 8cm x 18cm

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