20 November, 2010

ICANN Strategic Planning Development & election insights

At the LACRALO monthly meeting, a slideshow was presented by Kurt Pritz on the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan Development -- and there is also an audio presentation to accompany the slides.

Even more interesting than Kurt's presentation, however, was this snippet of dialogue captured at the start of the audio session.  On the tape you can hear BCEC member Christopher Wilkinson state:

"I just wanted to remind you all that this process [the at-large director elections] has in effect put the BCEC in the position to create the scope of the very devisive argument within the ALAC -- and I hope that you will choose voting procedures which will not aggravate that situation even more than it is already the case.  As I said before, the... in terms of the structure of the BCEC and its procedures -- Never Again.  I will enlargen this when I cease to be a member of the BCEC."

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