24 November, 2010

Solving an ICANN new gTLD Applicant Guidebook Problem

I recently came across a public comment submitted by Patrick Vande Walle that serves to illustrate an ongoing Guidebook problem.

Patrick writes:  "The current draft version says, with regard to the URS process (5.1): "A Registrant will have 14 days from the date the URS Provider sent its Notice of Complaint". The agreement reached earlier by the community was 20 days. There is no explanation given why this delay was shortened."

Patrick, of course, is correct -- the Guidebook itself offers no explanation nor rationale for the change that was made.

However... the Board Briefing material from 25 September (on pages 26 and 27)  in the section called "URS Timing Requirements" offers a reasonable analysis of the current environment/recent developments and puts forward a recommendation with a lengthy rationale.

It's explanatory notes such as these that should be accompanying the Guidebook.  Frankly, it's exactly the approach that the GAC has been asking for:
"The GAC expects the Board to provide the ICANN community a thorough and reasoned explanation of all decisions taken, the rationale thereof and sources of data on which ICANN relied.."
If such explanations/rationales can be provided to the ICANN Board, they most certainly can be provided to the community that is being called upon to offer public comments.

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