23 November, 2010

The GAC Letter to the Board

The GAC has written a stop-the-runaway-train letter to the ICANN Board in advance of the Cartagena meeting.

Their letter outlines a series of major concerns beginning with the issue of universal resolvability of the DNS; they state:

"The GAC believes it is imperative that the impact on the continued security, stability and universal resolvability of the domain name system of the potential blocking at the national level of new gTLD strings that are considered to be either objectionable or that raise national sensitivities be assessed prior to introducing new gTLDs.  In this regard, the GAC is pleased to inform the Board that it intends to seek advice from the technical community on this important issue".

With regard to "Controversial Strings" the GAC further calls for a system of "prior reviews".

The correspondence concludes with a note that castigates the ICANN Staff for its failure to provide an assessment of the current draft Guidebook's consistency with previous GAC advice.

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