29 November, 2010

RSSAC Comments on root scaling

RSSAC's Jun Murai
In correspondence to the ICANN Board, the Root Server System Advisory Committee writes:

As a first step, RSSAC is beginning work to determine and make available a list of parameters that define the desired service for the root zone system. These parameters include the desired latency in the distribution, the frequency of the updates and their size. With knowledge of these target parameters in hand, RSSAC will then seek to produce estimates of acceptable zone size and dynamics that ensure the system works within the desired range. This will involve RSSAC working closely with the root server operators to gather best estimates for what size and update rate of the root zone would cause service to be outside the desired parameters. This work will be available in draft form by 11 March 2011 and updated twice yearly thereafter.

In the case of the proposed gradual expansion of no more than 1000 entries per year for the next several years, RSSAC expects the system to remain stable and robust.

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