20 November, 2010

a rebellion because of this in Cartagena

From the EURALO monthly meeting minutes:

Sebastien: The most important policy issue is the final applicant guidebook. It is not yet on the public comment list but will be published shortly. With regards to IDNs, I think this topic is especially interesting for our friends in APRALO and AFRALO.

Wolf: You might have seen the email from Evan complaining that the joint ALAC-GAC comments have not been considered in the current guidebook. Should we act on that?

Olivier: We had a call with Kurt and other Staff yesterday and went through the points raised. There was confusion on the Staff side and a general feeling that more needs to be done. There might be a rebellion because of this in Cartagena.

Wolf: would you like EURALO to participate in this rebellion?

Olivier: I agree that EURALO is among those who are frustrated about the guidebook.

Wolf: I will send Evan a personal message to support his cause.

Yrjo: I am happy to join this rebelion. This is a matter of principle.

AI: Wolf will draft a response to Evan's email on the new gTLD guidebook and send it to Yrjo for review.

Sebastien: I agree with what you have said. The processes in ICANN are broken. We need senior management who understand and respect the policy development processes.

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