04 November, 2010

Death of a Dream

Responding to a query from ICANN Staff, Consumer Constituency proponent Beau Brendler writes

"The proposed consumer constituency, as far as I have been told -- which is nothing, and I'm the co-chair -- is dead as far as I know. 
The constituency proposal is now going on two years old, and I don't think many of the original proponents are interested anymore, though I cannot speak for them. "

Beau also notes that the cross-constituency consumer group (formed in Nairobi, then joined by some members of the NCSG) still has a mailing list but "This mailing list is largely dead, however".

NOTE:  Community Comment was invited on a "Revised Proposal To Form A New GNSO Consumers Constituency" back in January.  It's a shame that this effort had to suffer a lingering death.

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