07 November, 2010

Result of APRALO Poll on Board Director Petition Candidates

Hong Xue, Chair of the APRALO, has announced the results of a member poll; she writes:

Please see the final result of APRALO poll for consideration of additional candidates to be petitioned by RALOs. 9 out of 19 ALSes participated the poll. Thanks all for your kind participation.

Here are the result:

Avri Doria                       5 Yes, 1 No, 3 Abstain
Okore George                  1 Yes, 4 No, 4 Abstain
Raham Khan                    1 Yes, 4 No, 4 Abstain
Jordi Palet Matinex           1 Yes, 4 No, 4 Abstain
Maria Shkarlat                 1 Yes, 5 No, 3 Abstain
Jean-Jacques Subrenat     5 Yes, 1 No, 3 Abstain
Danny Younger                3 Yes, 2 No, 4 Abstain

Ahmad Al-Shagra got 1 Yes, 5 No and 3 Abstain but cannot be counted
because the applicant failed the BCEC's due diligence but was wrongly
included in the applicants' list. Please refer to Heidi's email sent
on 6 November 2010.

All the other applicants got 0 Yes.

Since there is no specific procedure to define RALOs' "petition",
except that it must be endorsed by at least 3 RALOs. Therefore, APRALO
presents the result of the regional polling for the other RALOs to
consider. APRALO would agree to petition for any of above-listed 7
applicants who got more than ONE Yes vote.

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