08 November, 2010


Writing to the LACRALO list, Alejandro Pisanty puts forward this assessment of the at-large petition cycle:

"I believe that we can agree in effect in the dramatic lack of  participation, based as well - without disqualifying reasons nor people - on  the insufficient study of the matter".

Alejandro's remark brings back memories of an earlier comment he made while he sat on the Board in Accra as the seats of the at-large directors were being eliminated; at that point he said:  "Where an electorate is poorly defined, and not informed through effective participation, experience teaches that elections carry dangers."

At this point in time, even though the at-large petition cycle was supposed to have been completed, we still don't know what position has been formally adopted by the LACRALO...

We do know that the LACRALO Chair, Andres Piazza had put forward this perspective

"The minority of ALSes in LACRALO (11 out of 36) publicly expressed divers opinions regarding the possibility of petitioning any of the 19 candidates to be on the final voting slate for the ICANN Board Director from AT-Large.  However, the majority of those opinions were for LACRALO to NOT
petition (to whatever reasons) for any of the 19 candidates to be on the final voting slate."

Apparently, that perspective did not settle the matter as comments are still flying back and forth on the LACRALO list.

It appears that the LACRALO viewpoint will be the deciding factor to determine whether candidates Avri Doria and Jean-Jacques Subrenat make it onto the final at-large director slate (as both the AFRALO and NARALO have already indicated that they will not support any candidate petition -- and three regions must ratify a petition for it to be considered valid).

Will the collective will of an uninformed electorate determine the course of this election?  We await the outcome.

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