11 November, 2010

ooooops! another at-large director election problem

There have been so many issues associated with the at-large director election process that one can only ask, "So what went wrong now?" 

On this occasion it appears that the intent of the APRALO was to designate seven applicants as petition candidates, but only three of those candidates were announced by ICANN Staff to the other RALOs.

The difficulties stemmed from the language used which pointed to candidates "who got more than ONE Yes vote."  

According to the APRALO Chair:   "I was not aware that "more than one vote" would exclude "one vote",
just as people over 21 can drink including people at 21, rather than starting from 22."

Apparently what we have here is a classic "failure to communicate" -- perhaps attributable to cultural differences.

In any event, four otherwise-qualified candidates lost their chance to be considered with the benefit of an APRALO endorsement.

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