04 November, 2010

News from the ICANN Board Retreat

The California ICANN Board Retreat has commenced and we already have a bit of news...

ICANN Board Director Jean-Jacques Subrenat has taken a few moments out of his busy retreat schedule to petition the regional at-large organizations for inclusion onto the slate of at-large director candidates.  He writes: 

"this is to formally request that my Statement of Interest for Seat 15 of the ICANN Board, already presented to and considered by the BCEC, be submitted to the RALOs.  The reference for my above request is ALAC Internal Rules of Procedure, section 27.6 on Final Candidate List. 

In support of my renewed candidature, I wish to underline three facts:
- my candidature was already submitted to and considered by the BCEC for the establishment of its Slate of Candidates, so I am not sending you my Statement of Interest, which you hold and which is now also online;
- the time between the online publication of the BCEC Slate of Candidates, and the upcoming deadline for candidatures to be considered and submitted by RALOs (7 November, if I'm not mistaken), is now extremely short, which is why I request that you, as At-Large Staff, forward this request to the RALOs as soon as possible;
- currently attending the ICANN Board Retreat in California, I am quite occupied with my duties as a Board Director.

Director Subrenat will need to convince three of the five RALOs to accept his petition in order to be included in the final slate of at-large director candidates. 

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